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Because I created this wiki and have restricted editiorial access to people in our class, you will need to request to join this wiki in order to be able to add and create pages. Your request is forwarded to an email which I check multiple times during the day, so it takes usually just a few hours for me to approve your request to join. Once you're in, you can make changes whener you want!



Hi there from the UK - if any of my UOIT students are still following this wiki, I would like to ask if you could find out from the other 5102 students if I can show this to my students from the University of Leeds. I think it is a great example of collaborative work and I think they would find this really interesting.


Hi Maggie

I was one of the 5102 students and certainly have no problem with you using this for your class; however not sure when you wrote that request as I don't visit this page very often.